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Real Estate Development Services

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The team at Dyer Sheehan Group has more than six decades of combined professional experience in all aspects of the real estate development and entitlement process, from site selection and initial project feasibility assessments, development team assemblage and project conceptualization through entitlement and construction permit processing.  

Whatever your specific development service need may be, we are fully prepared and qualified to assist owners, sellers and buyers in the completion of project evaluations, designs and approvals in preparation for market.  We work side-by-side with clients and adapt a capacity to meet individual needs, whether that be through research and analysis, strategic problem solving or comprehensive project management.

Real Estate Development Projects

Project Planning and Management

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Effective project management requires attention to detail and in-depth experience in a wide range of disciplines, including: market analysis, development team selection and management, project conceptualization and design, land use and construction codes, entitlement and construction permit processing, government and community relations, strong time management and interpersonal skills.

DSG is well versed and highly experienced in all aspects of the development process and has successfully provided project planning and management services for a wide range of clients, including some of the nation’s largest developers, builders and public institutions, as well as regional and local developers and property owners. 

Land Use and Development Entitlement Permit Processing

The ability to understand and navigate the multi-layered requirements of zoning and land use regulations and related agency policies and procedures, is critical in securing development entitlements.  DSG employs a strategic and comprehensive approach to land use and development entitlement permit processes.  We have an extensive and proven track record of success and strive to provide clients with the most effective and efficient pathways to project approval. 

Government and Community Relations

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One of the most effective ways to ensure a smooth and efficient path for discretionary entitlement approvals is to consult with the ultimate decision makers early and often throughout the process.  Once specific preferences and priorities are understood, they can often be incorporated into the project design, enhancing support for project approval.   DSG facilitates a productive dialogue with city staff, councilmembers, planning commissioners and other critical decision makers and community leaders throughout the course of project conceptualization and entitlement permit processing.  

Political decision makers and planning officials are sympathetic to neighborhood and community concerns and as a result project review and approval processes are often impacted by public comments and reactions to a proposed project.  In many cases, initial neighborhood resistance and opposition can be mitigated or converted into project support through honest communication, open discussion and reasonable compromise.

Our firm has a successful history of creating and implementing effective community outreach programs.  Based upon specific circumstances, these programs can range from project presentations at regular meetings of neighborhood organizations to the implementation of a comprehensive program involving multiple developer-hosted neighborhood meetings.  Our goal is to identify and resolve issues in advance of formal public hearings for project approvals.  

Project Analysis and Product Recommendations

It is critically important to have an accurate assessment of potential project viability, both financially and politically, before making significant investment in project design and/or entitlement applications.  No matter how appealing a development concept might seem to be, if the project is not designed to actually work in the marketplace, it all may end up as an expensive exercise.

We specializes in helping developers and property owners make crucial decisions regarding project feasibility early in the development process.  DSG has the necessary knowledge and detailed experience to examine and analyze critical economic and demographic data and understand jurisdictional and political issues to accurately assess the overall feasibility of a project proposal and/or make specific recommendations regarding ways to enhance viability.

Our firm has provided project feasibility assessments to a wide variety of clients including private and publicly traded development companies, public institutions, private trusts, local housing authorities and non-profit affordable housing providers.

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